Both the International Colloquium on Analytic Epistemology and the Social Epistemology Conference are traditional events organized by the Research Group in Analytic Epistemology (CNPq), which is one of the most important research group for the study of analytic epistemology in Latin America, originally formed by Professor Claudio de Almeida (PUCRS).  Our former guests include some of the most influential authors in contemporary epistemology (and more): Fred Adams, Heather Battaly, Paul Boghossian, Anthony Brueckner, Otávio Bueno, David Christensen, Stewart Cohen, Juan Comesaña, Michael DePaul, Fred Dretske, Mylan Engel, Richard Feldman, Richard Foley, Gary Fuller, Richard Fumerton, Carl Ginet, Alvin Goldman, Nicholas Griffin, Stephen Hetherington (co-organizer of our 2010 Brazil Epistemology Conference), Risto Hilpinen, Paul Horwich, Thomas Kelly, Peter Klein, Jennifer Lackey, Keith Lehrer, William Lycan, Brian McLaughlin, Adam Morton, Ram Neta, Erik Olsson, John Pollock, Ted Poston, Baron Reed, Sherrilyn Roush, Sarah Sawyer, Thomas Señor, David Sosa, Ernest Sosa (co-organizer of our 2004 Brazil Epistemology Conference), Matthias Steup, John N. Williams, Michael Williams, John Greco, Duncan Pritchard, Jason Stanley and others.

This year we decided to put together both events as a way to optimize resources and to integrate the community. The 2018  III International Colloquium on Analytic Epistemology and VII Social Epistemology Conference is dedicated to analytic epistemology, broadly conceived, and will be held from 27-30 November,  in the Federal University of Santa Maria (Santa Maria, Brazil).  The Colloquium will follow with invited talks by some of the best contemporary epistemologists and a selection of contributed talks.


Organizing Committee 

Tiegue Vieira Rodrigues (UFSM)

Carlos Augusto Sartori (UFSM)

José Leonardo Annunziato Ruivo (UEMA)

Breno Guimarães (UFMT)

Luis Paulo Cichoski (UFMT)


Scientific Committee 

Carlos Augusto Sartori (UFSM)

José Leonardo Annunziato Ruivo (UEMA)

Mathew McGrath (University of Missouri / University of Saint Andrew)

Sven Bernecker (UC Irvine / Köln University)

Tiegüe Vieira Rodrigues (UFMT)

Coming soon details about means of payment, and details about transportation and hotels.

III International Colloquium

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